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Pool Chemical supplies in Virginia

Swimming Pool chemicals - PH plus - PH minus.

A swimming pool left alone would soon turn into a green pond, especially during a long hot Virginia summer. To counter this we pump the water through different types of filter systems most commonly a sand filter. In conjunction with filtering we also add chemicals, most commonly Chlorine to keep the pool clear. Chlorine can be added in different forms. Our commercial customers typically use Liquid Chlorine, while some residential pools use chlorine in tablet form. Both forms are introduced to the pool via different types of chlorine feeders.

  pool chemicals supplies  pool chemicals

Sometimes the balance of the pool gets upset and we have to add chemicals to combat this. Muriatic Acid and Soda ash are typically used to restore the correct balance. We also supply ph minus and ph plus.

  pool chemicals  swimming pool chmicals  swimming pool chemical supplies 


Sometimes a pool can be affected by different types of algae and we supply a range of treatments for curing these problems, and other water issues.

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And of course we supply chemicals to keep your pool tiles, or vinyl liners looking clean and bright. 

pool chemicals


The Pool Guy can supply customers with any chemicals needed to operate your pool.

Some common pool chemical systems are:-

1) Bleach Sodium Hypo chloride  or Liquid Chlorine.

2) CO2 for ph control instead of using  Muriatic acid.

3) Salt generators - produce chlorine so no feeder is needed.

We typically use liquid chlorine fed with a chlorine feeder and CO2 feed systems to control ph.






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