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Swimming Pool Renovation in Virginia

Swimming pool repair - Pool repair service, Swimming pool maintenance - Pool resurfacing.

Pool renovation can completely transform a pool !

The Pool Guy offers customers the opportunity to renovate their in-ground concrete pool. We can take an old worn out pool and turn it into a new beautiful pool !

Below are the basic steps of pool renovation.

The first step after draining and cleaning the pool is to sand-blast the pool if it has been painted.  

swimming pool renovation

     Sand-blasting the pool

After draining and/or sand-blasting the pool, the next step is demolition. if needed the coping stones are removed and the beam around the pool is checked for structural integrity. If the beam is deteriorating it is chipped down to the point where it is a sound base to work from. Loose and cracked tiles are also removed in this phase.

swimming pool renovation

Coping stones removed showing the beam

The next phase would be to build up the beam to the proper level, reinstall the coping stones and install new tiles.

pool renovation

The Beam built up to the correct level 

swimming pool repairs

    Reinstalling the coping stones

The next step would be to cut and chip around all the existing fittings, light fixtures and drains and apply the bond kote to ensure the new plaster has a good surface to adhere to.

pool renovation

A pool with coping stones, new tiles installed and bond kote.

pool resurfacing

This pool has all the coping stone and tile replaced and is ready for bond kote

The final phase in the resurfacing process is to apply the new plaster to the pool and give it that brand new appearance.

swimming pool resurfacing

Applying the plaster

pool remodeling

Applying the plaster

swimming pool remodeling

                   The finished product is a beautiful new looking pool

Of course your pool may not require the whole process shown here. We will discuss with you the best course of action to get your pool looking like new again.


The Pictures below show a recently Renovated baby pool

Before renovation

concrete pool repair

This pool was in a very bad condition all the tiles were off the walls and many of the coping stones were broken and more broke up when we lifted them, so the decision was made to fit all new coping stones. This combined with all new tiles and re-plastering produced a brand new pool appearance.

inground pool repair

 The completed pool

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